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Luminosity Signature  Facial                                                                                               $75

Our signature facial is a traditional surface cleansing facial.  Designed as a relaxing maintenance treatment it includes a cleanse, tone, exfoliation, masque, steam and neck/shoulder massage using Eminence products selected for your particular skin type.  We highly recommend this facial as a prelude to our other facial treatments.

Signature Plus facial                                                                         $135    

Our Luminosity Signature Facial accompanied by an Eminence Take Home Starter Kit selected for your skin type.     

Clean as a Whistle Facial                                                                   $85

This deep-cleansing facial uses the Eminence "Clear Skin" line of products to remove debris from pores leaving skin feeling clean and refreshed.  This facial also includes extractions to manually remove more resistant pore obstructions in addition to all of the steps listed in our Luminosity Signature Facial.

Potent C&E Facial                                                                                 $85                            

Experience an antioxidant infusion as Vitamins C & E unite for protection against free radicals.  This multivitamin facial's collagen boosting power increases your skin's healing ability using a botanical blend of citrus fruits and leafy greens.  These ingredients, including spinach and kale, deliver an abundance of nutrients to rescue the skin from environmental stresses.  Skin is left feeling brighter, firmer and younger looking.

Arctic Berry Peel & Peptide   Facial                                                      $95                           

Awaken your skin's inner beauty with this innovative 3 step peel and peptide system.  This anti-aging facial uses Arctic Berry Enzyme to exfoliate, activate and illuminate your complexion leaving skin clearer, smoother and more luminous.

Intensive Exfoliation Facial                                                                                             $100

A diamond-headed wand and gentle suction combine with Eminence Skincare products to reverse the signs of aging, repair sun damage, smooth lines and combat acne scarring, giving you a smoother, more even-toned complexion.

Maintenance  treatment                                                                   $35                                                                                                       

A quick focus treatment to keep your skin glowing between your routinely scheduled facials.  A perfect option for extractions only, a hydrating pick-me-up masque or eye/lip treatment.



Eyebrow:                   $17 & Up

Lip:                              $15

Chin:                           $15

Cheek:                        $15

Full Face:                   $47 & Up

Underarm:                  $22 & Up

Stomach:                    $17 & Up

Bikini:                           $30 & Up

Brazilian Bikini:           $55 & Up

Half Arm:                   $30 & Up

Full Arm:                    $40 & Up

Half Leg:                     $40 & Up

Full Leg:                      $62 & Up

Chest:                          $45 &Up

Back:                            $45 & Up


Makeup Application:             $60

False Lash Application:         $20

Eyelash Tint:                           $20

Eyebrow Tint:                         $15

Lash Lift:                                 $65

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