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Personalized experience using Swedish and Deep Tissue techniques, connecting the mind and body to create an overall feeling of balance.

 30 Minutes:  $55

 45 Minutes:  $70

 60 Minutes:  $85

 90 Minutes:  $125

120 Minutes:  $145

Hot Stone Massage

Relax aching muscles and tension away with a combination of hot stones and massage.  Soothes mind and body.

60 Minutes:  $100

90 Minutes:  $150

Prenatal Massage

Modified massage for the mother-to-be to ease the physical and emotional strains due to pregnancy.

60 Minutes:  $70

Chair Massage

Relieves areas of tension in the neck, back and arms.  Available in 5 to 20 minute sessions.

$1 per minute

Massage Therapy

Therapeutic Massage

Body Treatments

Deep Cleansing Back Facial                                  $45

For the softest, smoothest back ever! A luxurious "facial" for the back leaves skin glowing and radiant.  Excellent for keeping break-outs under control and for special events when you need to look your best...even from the back!

Happy Hour Body Scrub                                                      $60

An Eminence body scrub is used during this relaxing body exfoliation treatment.  An application of a hydrating body lotion will complete this delicious experience.  Skin will feel soft,smooth and will smell fabulous!

Body Deluxe                                                                        $85

This treatment will cover you from head to toe in a deluxe assortment of organic fruit, vegetables and spices.  Our therapist will exfoliate your body with full body scrub.  They will stimulate lymph and circulate blood flow, while removing impurities and dead skin.  You will drift away in warmth and bliss as you are wrapped in this hydrating and detoxifying treatment.

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