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 Microblading Services

What is Microblading?

Microblading is a demi-permanent tattoo created by a handheld blade that cuts into the first layers of the epidermis to deposit pigment, resulting in a clean, crisp hair-like stroke.  Due to its proximity to the skin’s surface, the pigment will fade away with time. This differs from permanent skin tattoos which are trapped deeper into the skin’s dermal layer and do not fade.  Microblading gives the appearance of hair, to create natural-looking new eyebrows or to give existing eyebrows a fuller, more even appearance for up to 3 years.  We recommend that you schedule an eyebrow waxing appointment with one of our amazing Estheticians a few days prior to your First Microblading Session to get the best results. Call now to book a FREE consultation and learn more about this life-changing service!


First Session                                                  $400

Perfection Session                                        $150

*Mandatory Complimentary Consultation prior to First Session

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